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Please Make Sure You Choose The Proper Registration Link Below


Fall Registration is open through July 2nd. Any registrations after this date are subject to late fee of $20!

The Intramural program is for kids ages 3 to 7 (birthdays in years 2010 through 2014).  If you child has a birthday in year 2009 or earlier, please reach out to Ken Mathias, Travel Registrar at

The Intramural schedule typically runs from early September through October, with the various age group activities on the nights detailed below.  This is subject to change depending on volunteer availability:

- U4 practices/games are  Mondays and Wednesdays.

- U6 practices/games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

- U7 practices/games are Monday and Wednesdays .

- U8 has a team practice one night and a group practice on Thursdays with Saturday games.

The fall season will have a professional trainer at all practices to help our intramural players continue their development.

We will end the fall season with a family event.

Times and Days will be finalized when we have volunteers scheduled. Please consider volunteering your time to help the program.  THANK YOU!!

For Intramural program questions, please reach out to VP of IM, Mike Ebersole at .

Financial Assistance

For any families that may need some help meeting the Travel program costs, please fill out the Financial Assistance form below and send it to Curtis Bolig for review. 

Curtis Bolig